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Back in 2016, we asked ourselves a simple question that would later become our mission: Why is it still so hard to find a place to dance? Or a dance teacher? Or a dance studio?

In the age of instant access to information online, it’s crazy that you still have to waste an entire afternoon researching, calling friends to suggest a place to go dancing tonight.

What do you do when you are away on an official tour or on a vacation at a place you are not familiar with? How do you find a place for dancing? Is there a place to meet other dancers?

At Dancemaps we set out to make it easier. Today, hundreds of dancers can use Dancemaps technology to find the best dance places and events, and hire the best dance teachers across the country.

These were the questions that got us started with Dancemaps. We wanted to create an online community of dancers that will allow them to interact with dancers, know the places where they can dance and know where they can learn dancing. We wanted a site that will cater to this community of great artists.

Dancemaps aims to bring the great dancing community together for their enjoyment and development. Use this platform to connect with your dancing friends and family.

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